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Thursday, 10 September 2015


The idea of having a brisk and brief stop-over in some banks increasingly seem to be an illusion despite the introduction of alternative banking channels. Virtually all banks in Nigeria now have e-banking channels where customers can ceaselessly transact securely. However, banks today are characterized by long queues, overcrowded halls, over-burdened bank employees and frustrated customers.

These days, it’s risky taking excuse from your place of work to carryout card less transaction(s) in the bank, as one risk spending far longer than schedule for transactions that should ordinarily take a few minutes. Aside that, banks seem to care-less about the stress and time consuming effort it takes to carry out banking activities in recent times.

However, it is noteworthy to state that some banks have continued to introduce innovative measures to ameliorate the discomfort experienced by their customers by introducing and setting up dedicated channels like electronic channels, ATM centers and hotlines.

It is common knowledge that bank workers are considered the most over-burdened set of workers in Nigeria’s labour industry; this is due to the high volume of daily transactions and patronage. Top management team of these banks must do more in ensuring that all available resources are deployed in establishing that visiting banks in Nigeria isn’t seen as time consuming/wasting.

In my opinion, three things should be done to curb this growing menace. First; is the need to do more of educating and sensitizing their customers on the use of alternative banking channels like internet and mobile banking. A good number of these account holders have access to internet through their mobile phone or via other means; a bulk of the transaction done in banks by these customers can be carried via internet/mobile banking channels. Secondly; more should be done in setting up dedicated channels like ATM centers in densely populated areas. Thirdly; Banks must take advantage of the CBN approved agent banking rollout policy. Agent banking should be adopted so that interested SME’s can provide financial services to customers on behalf of a licensed deposit taking financial institutions.


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